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Dsc 0004 (2) by Placi1 Dsc 0004 (2) :iconplaci1:Placi1 99 21
Trico by olllga81 Trico :iconolllga81:olllga81 134 2 Trico by olllga81 Trico :iconolllga81:olllga81 121 0 Lady of the Lilac by Firefly-Path Lady of the Lilac :iconfirefly-path:Firefly-Path 12,364 631
Questions for Socair, answered
I sit on a comfortable chair with a soft cushion  and my hand reaches out for a glass of water which is on top of the table in front of me. The room is filled with the warm light of the fire nearby, it is warm and the atmosphere is rather comfortable.
I wait for five minutes maybe and then it knocks at the door all the sudden.
„You may enter." I say and I am sure that the sensitive ears behind the closed door have heard my words.  The door opens and he steps inside, his head is lowered and he looks at me with a respectful gaze, does not step any further.
„Here I am as you wished."
The voice of the back-skinned man is very deep and rather scruffy, if that makes sense, it sounds very rough, as if he has had too much whiskey in his life which for sure he did not though. Also he speaks with a foreign accent which is rather strong.*
„Ahhh, Socair, I am so happy you found the time to come here. Please sit down and help yourself to something to drink!"
He wa
:iconmavrosh:Mavrosh 32 33
Interview with Valendar
The Tavern is full with guests on this late summer evening. It is getting dark outside already, bandsmen play their medieval melodies in the room next to the one where I sit. My table is in a corner of the room actually, from here I can overlook most of the place and watch the people drink and talk. A waitress comes to me and I order two mugs of beer – one for myself and one for the guest I am inviting this evening. It was him who chose this location for meeting me and I am actually very excited for this encounter.
So I sit and wait while the pretty waitress brings the ordered beer and her two long blond braids swing when she walks away again. The music next door gets a little bit louder now and I am sure that I can hear some people dancing while a stranger is coming closer now. His movements are fast and do not seem to make any noise, he is of a normal size, not small and not very tall and also he is very slender. He wears tight leather pants of a dark brown color and a hooded bl
:iconmavrosh:Mavrosh 31 90
Daylight by Mavrosh Daylight :iconmavrosh:Mavrosh 224 69 Templar by yuhime Templar :iconyuhime:yuhime 441 253 Commission Rinoa Heartilly by AlpacaCarlesi Commission Rinoa Heartilly :iconalpacacarlesi:AlpacaCarlesi 156 5 Team Harmony by Seoxys6 Team Harmony :iconseoxys6:Seoxys6 2,381 334 Did You Miss Me by Mavrosh Did You Miss Me :iconmavrosh:Mavrosh 265 134 Sunset 1 by Gwendelyn Sunset 1 :icongwendelyn:Gwendelyn 5 27 My forest by Zerlique My forest :iconzerlique:Zerlique 2 2 Spring Light by Zerlique Spring Light :iconzerlique:Zerlique 3 3 Hibiscus by Gwendelyn Hibiscus :icongwendelyn:Gwendelyn 5 4 view 1 by Gwendelyn view 1 :icongwendelyn:Gwendelyn 4 8 Cliffs on the ground by Gwendelyn Cliffs on the ground :icongwendelyn:Gwendelyn 2 11 Stones in the water by Gwendelyn Stones in the water :icongwendelyn:Gwendelyn 2 10 Cliffs in the sun below the surface by Gwendelyn Cliffs in the sun below the surface :icongwendelyn:Gwendelyn 3 2 Small Waterfall by KyaValentine Small Waterfall :iconkyavalentine:KyaValentine 6 6 Behind the Waterfall by KyaValentine Behind the Waterfall :iconkyavalentine:KyaValentine 5 4 Jungle Mists by KyaValentine Jungle Mists :iconkyavalentine:KyaValentine 6 4 Sunlight on the Riverbank by KyaValentine Sunlight on the Riverbank :iconkyavalentine:KyaValentine 9 6 Welcome Fall by KyaValentine Welcome Fall :iconkyavalentine:KyaValentine 8 2


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