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Ok, for starters, I have been busy. I do dislike one thing about myself... making promises I cannot keep. I know I said a while ago that I would do a few projects; - _________ -  I think it was lack of human contact with the outside world or just someone to chat with that I don't get the inspiration that I need. For instance, I like to try to share my ideas, and then it creates a fog in my mind o color that clears to a picture or a story that comes from said fog.


So back to what I have been up too, I have been commissioned to tackle a few things....

A book cover for someone's story.

A few Comic Book/TV characters.

A few Game characters.

As well as my own story covers, and ideas. So many you may not see or read, I do try to lift myself because no one is able to feed my imagination.

I will add the few stories I do have, they are beyond eclectic, and I do hope they are received well.

Many Thanks do go to the Watchers and Stalkers that have come across this page.
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April 13, 2013


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