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OK, I am going through the process of removing all of my pictures. I cannot delude myself any longer. My pictures are not good enough, so fromnow on i will keep them to myself. It will sve me the headache of thinking people actually like anything I do. =)

So this page will no longer show any form of "art" written or visual.

    I will contnue to leave a comment for pictures as normal, when I see something I like. =)
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Black-Rhapsody Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No, no... You should not be discouraged by that. Our art is our ability to express what we feel, what we think...
It's a way of speaking without words. And It's good to show them.
Who cares if people don't know how to appreciate? It's their loss. You know appreciate them, and there are people out here who appreciate your effort in trying to improve.
If the rest don't know how to do, to hell with them!

You don't need to be popular to tell the world that you are able to do this and much more!!
Look around on DeviantArt... There are thousands of pictures without quality and yet they have hundreds of visitors. There are people who "purchase" these visits even.
If you don't draw/paint/render something like anime-style, or Pokemon, or Sonic, or some FanArt, (With all my respect for people dedicated to that) seems not to exist.

Seriously, trust me. See my profile for example and the number of pageviews. I draw for me! to feel comfortable with myself. If others like what I do or not is something I don't care.

Don't get discouraged, my dear. :hug:
DeedoSwiftleaf Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! I know what you mean, if its not FanArt, it qualifies as a un-view-able. I just hate having to put my time into something (Hours - days) that I may need a comment on, I did tell myself I will do more 'Me' I love how I am learning even if I do not recieve the comment. I also enjoy sharing my new pieces. *Pulls out hair* its so frustrating. =( Ok, cause you are awesome with pencile I guess... I will keep at it, I love your work.

I have a few I will do, my Muse wont leave me alone. =) Be on the look out for a Fairy, and My Saints Row lady, she s my current inspiration for new clothing design.
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July 23, 2012


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