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When you needed help, I offered you my assistance. You simply refused.

When you fell down in front of everyone, I offered you my hand. You pushed me away.

When you were in pain, I offered you my comfort. You turned your back on me.

When you were betrayed and left all alone, I offered you my shoulder to cry on. You clung to me and sobbed quietly.

When you had nobody else there for you, I offered you my friendship. You stared at me a moment, wiped away your tears...

...and smiled.

It helps to be there for someone, even if at first they don't accept it.

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Well the only new that is... Dragon Age: One Year Later, is now on DA!



Thisbevega - Complete. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Anything Can Induce Sex - Mass Effect 2 ~Naughty~.... My brain is fizzled form all the other naughty I have produced.... 'bare' with me LOL.

Captured Heart - Saints Row + SR2 ~Naughty~.... I am so stuck, might have to wait until SR the 3rd hits the market.

Ever Age - Dragon Age/EverQuest Crossover.... Staring the new chapter soon.

One Year Later - Dragon Age stuffs ~Naughty~... Chapter 23is up. 24 should be up soon.

Origins of a Magi - Coincides with Ever Age... Complete

Realization - Ouran Koukou/High School Host Club.... Working on the new chapter - ish

Riordan's Last Dance - Dragon Age, ~Naughty~.... Complete

What Became of Us? - Dragon Age, ~Naughty~.... Complete


Oh random bouts of pencil work then transfered over to color....
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August 3, 2011


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